Read my lips – THERE IS NO HIDDEN AGENDA! The Sanggunian has been busy spreading lies again.  First, Mr. Pinocchio himself, Bro. Edwil Zabala, floated this malicious accusation of a so-called “hidden agenda” by Bro. Eduardo’s family against Bro. Eduardo’s administration.  What is this???  You hear Bro. Eduardo’s own mother, Sis. Tenny, and his younger brother, Bro. Angel, cry out for help in fear for their own safety and you (Sanggunian) have to immediately step in and stop them from talking to each other?  Who’s got a hidden agenda now?   [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tO9zrbKwwRg[/embed] WHAT ARE YOU SO AFRAID OF, Sanggunian members?  That if the family members finally start to talk to one other and become a real family again, that your positions of power are going to be threatened? That Bro. Eduardo will finally see you for the wolves that you are and throw you in the dungeons, never to be seen again?  Is that why you are so intent on ripping the family apart?  Divide and conquer?  Is that why you’ve intensified your campaign to plant lies in his mind against his own family and, at the risk of alienating the Executive Minister from the brethren, you’ve expelled his own mother and siblings you deem to be threats, “sa atas ng Tagapamahalang Pangkalahatan”?  My, my, YOU SURE ARE DESPERATE! Brethren, why don’t we listen once again to the video of Sis. Tenny and Bro. Angel?  Listen carefully to their anguish.  An old and sick mother’s longing to speak with her son, Bro. Eduardo, and a brother reaching out to the brethren for help.  Do you not think they’ve thought long and prayed very hard before making their private problems public, if they hadn’t been so afraid? Watch video of the plea of Bro. Angel Manalo and Ka Tenny here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8f-yioq3Tww For six long years, they’ve kept their silence, despite the many persecutions they’ve endured in the hands of the Sanggunian.  They’ve attempted to reach out to the Executive Minister many times but, each time, they were turned away by the Sanggunian.  Catching Bro. Edwil once again in a lie, why don’t we watch this video of Bro. Angel and Sis. Lottie being turned away by Bro. Rene Panoncillo, head of HR, when they asked to speak to the Executive Minister. [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wXZm2ZhZf_0[/embed] So think about it, brethren, why would they start spreading this gossip now about Bro. Angel?  You are smart https://incsilentnomore.wordpress.com/2015/05/25/voices-of-the-brethren-hindi-bobo-ang-mga-kapatid/.  Do not let the Sanggunian treat you as though you are stupid!  They are the stupid ones, stupid and desperate, to even think they can fool you into believing this lie!  Even after the circular humiliating Bro. Erano G. Manalo’s family in all congregations around the world, Bro. Angel was still pleading with his brother to speak with them.
What is that, if not humility?  What is that, if not submission? Recently, the Sanggunian has convened all the District Ministers around the world, warning them of a plot to overthrow the current Executive Minister!  I GUARANTEE YOU THIS, BELOVED DISTRICT MINISTERS AND FELLOW MINISTERS.  IF THERE IS A PLAN TO OVERTHROW THE EXECUTIVE MINISTER, IT WILL NOT COME FROM THE BRETHREN SUPPORTING THE FAMILY OF BRO. ERANO G. MANALO.  IT WILL NOT COME FROM THE AE’S ALL OVER THE WORLD FOR NEVER — I REPEAT, NEVER — DID WE ADVOCATE REPLACING OUR CURRENT EXECUTIVE MINISTER.  On the contrary, every night, WE PRAY FOR HIM, TO KEEP HIM SAFE AND TO GRANT HIM WISDOM IN LEADING GOD’S NATION, TO HELP HIM RESTORE THE CHURCH TO ITS FORMER PRISTINE CONDITION, FREE FROM ALL FORMS OF CORRUPTION. If the Executive Minister has anything to fear, it is the Sanggunian that surrounds him.  The Sanggunian that has been feeding him lies.  The Sanggunian that is intent on self-preservation and will protect their self-interests at all cost.  The Sanggunian that will not allow anyone to get in the way — not the wife and children of the Bro. Erano G. Manalo and not even the current Executive Minister himself.  They are so addicted to power and wealth that power brings, that they are not beyond anything.  In fact, if I have one advise to the Sanggunian, it would be to not feel too comfortable with their fellow avaricious Sanggunian member.  In a room filled with people of limitless greed, the person sitting next to you, who nods at every suggestion you make, and who smiles to your face in assent at every word you utter, is probably the person who will turn you in when the time comes.  You may be buddies now, but when push comes to shove, let’s see who the first one is from among them to put a dagger in your back. Brethren, be very careful for these are dangerous times. Do not believe the lies woven by the Sanggunian. Just like Satan whose days are numbered, they are desperate. They will create confusion and chaos among Church members. In fact, they have started.  They will threaten you and they will even use Church doctrines to force you into submission.  They will use the media to deceive you.  You need God now more than ever now to guide you as you sift through seemingly conflicting information. Read through all the articles in this website, and you will see that WE HAVE NEVER GONE AGAINST, OR SPOKEN AGAINST, THE CHURCH ADMINISTRATION.  WE HAVE NO DESIRE TO REPLACE THE CURRENT EXECUTIVE MINISTER WHOM WE HAVE VOWED TO LOVE, OBEY, AND RESPECT.  WE REMAIN FAITHFUL TO THE DOCTRINES OF THE IGLESIA NI CRISTO.  IT IS OUT OF LOVE FOR THE CHURCH THAT WE DO WHAT WE DO.  DO NOT EVER FORGET THAT.  ANYONE WHO TELLS YOU OTHERWISE IS A LIAR. God bless us all, brethren! -Antonio Ebangelista “They tried to bury us…they didn’t know we were seeds” Official Website: http://www.iglesianicristosilentnomore.org Instagram: @antonioebangelista Twitter: @AEbangelista1 #iglesianicristo #inc100 #inccentennial #centennial #inc4life #incootd #incfashion #incmedianews #inctv #net25 #incmedia #increview #fymfoundation #mycountrymenmybrethren #kabayankokapatidko #incselfiechallenge #incwikileaks #sanggunian #radelcortez #gerrypurification #junsantos #gliceriosantosjr #rodelcabrera #biensantiago #erdzcodera #ernestosuratos #mattpareja #antonioebangelista #silentnomore #iglesianicristosilentnomore #incsilentnomore “Unlike you, I don’t have power or money, but what I do have is a very particular set of skills, skills I have acquired over a very long career.  Skills thhttp://iglesianicristo.news/wp-admin/post.php?post=29&action=editat make me a nightmare for people like you.  If you tell the truth now, that’ll be the end of it.  I will not look for you, I will not pursue you.  But if you don’t, I will look for you, I will find you, and I will expose you.” – AE Originally published at: https://incsilentnomore.wordpress.com/2015/08/04/what-a-web-of-lies-the-sanggunian-weaves/