The Obsession of Babylyn V. Manalo and Eduardo V. Manalo towards Destruction


It has been almost 3 YEARS after the Iglesia Ni Cristo Church Administration Ministers started spreading the golden tale of the existence of the explosive “Classmate Videos” that is supposed to be the “actual” solid proof of acts of lasciviousness of Bro. Angel and Bro. Marc Manalo. This was later on hyped by relentless campaigns and countdowns which brought about much anticipation only to result in….



And so, more and more propaganda against the family of Bro. Eraño G. Manalo followed. This became the Church Administration’s justification for all the sick and inhumane acts of oppression and persecution against the brothers, sister, and mother of a belligerent and paranoiac Executive Minister, Eduardo V. Manalo who follows every order of his psychotic and Jezebel-spirit-possessed -wife, Babylyn V. Manalo.

For all of those who have lost track or interest with the Sanggunian (Advisory Council) Ministers’ LIE DEPARTMENT campaigns thru the INC sponsored and controlled Social Media accounts and sites like ACCESS THE TRUTH and FB Page: CUTTING CLASSES SERIES, (including all the Minister-trolls FB fake accounts) let me refresh your memory…

Let’s start from the HORSE’S MOUTH… There was this woman, named Dolly Toledo who was working for one of the girly bars in Quezon City (Philippines) and got expelled for living an unchristian life and having a series of extra marital affairs. One day, she decided to return to the Church but couldn’t do so because of her chosen lifestyle. Then she met her knight in shining armor, none other than one of the most notorious Sanggunian Ministers, Rolando Esguerra. “Tata Roland”, as he is fondly called, was already desperate in looking for SOMETHING (even ANYTHING) to make the Manalo Brothers look bad (so that the eldest brother could somehow look good) but couldn’t find ANYTHING until he found somebody who was as desperate as him. He took Dolly under his wings and together, they concocted a “STORY” that revolved around Dolly’s life and experience as a worker inside one of the sleaziest girly bars in the Philippines, to make “the story” believable. This catapulted Dolly into instant stardom, complete with VIP treatment and a “bodyguard”, not to mention the instant reinstatement in the church coupled with a sacred duty as a Deaconess as a bonus!

dolly-picsBypassing the qualifications, “Tata Roland” was truly her golden ticket! Thus, the rumormonger group (not the Deaconesses, as they are also unfortunately stereotyped), “Mandirigma” and the ever-elusive story of the “Classmate Video” were born, and after almost 3 years of hype, they are still stuck in the “fabrication stage” so the gossip-hungry fanatics of EVM, who patiently believed and waited…are still waiting…. til kingdom come.

More details regarding these smear campaigns can be found here:

Now it brings us to this latest “baby” of this highly scandalized church administration of Eduardo V. Manalo. Roll VTR…

After this video was proudly released by the Iglesia Ni Cristo sponsored social media account ACCESS THE TRUTH, I was bombarded by email messages asking for a comment.

cheers picture

The truth is, I was so tempted to reply with a message “LOL!” because that was simply my initial reaction to the video that surfaced about the celebratory cheers that featured Bro. Angel, Bro. Marc and Bro. Noel. I didn’t even think of reacting to it any other way, which is why many of you were asking if I was ever planning to write an article about it. I will touch on the video briefly and what they have done to tamper with it so that they can show something totally out of context that they can use for propaganda purposes, which they proudly refer to as “NAGSUSUMIGAW NA KATOTOHANAN” (Direct Translation: Screaming Truth). We are already aware that they are experts in producing those. But first, I want to focus your attention on what really matters and what exactly is fueling the anger and hatred of this EVM Church Administration that would degenerate their stature to such lowliness. Why are they so obsessed to taint and destroy? It is so easy to look at something at face-value and carelessly make sweeping and impulsive judgements. But, following the examples of Christ and his Apostles, it takes wisdom and years of discipline to pause, take a step back, observe and understand the deeper meaning of things by asking questions that nobody commonly or even care to ask. We will ask those questions and I will let you be the one to answer.

Haven’t you noticed, how the EVM Church Administration and its roster of zombie-like Ministers possess this certain kind of ADDICTION? They have this OBSESSION. An obsession to taint the reputation of others which I believe only stems from their guilt of the crimes they have committed. A guilty reaction includes great efforts to find justification for their crimes to gain more allies that will believe their many obvious lies. But why this kind of obsession, especially to tarnish the reputation of Bros. Angel and Marc? It is really nothing new anymore.

They have done it from the beginning of this great tribulation we are experiencing in the Church, starting from the worldwide announcements of the first ministers and members that they expelled. Remember those times when many were just wondering what could that brother or sister have done for their names to be read to the congregations worldwide? A scary thought was it not? It definitely instilled fear to many who cannot take that kind of public humiliation and it is absolutely horrifying to many who believe that expulsion is the ultimate punishment anyone can receive here on earth because it means losing their salvation and receiving eternal damnation in the lake of fire! Remember how the expulsions later escalated to the excommunication of whole families, even if only one of them was accused (not proven) of “conduct unbecoming”. This was then followed by attacks on their personal lives, threatening to physically harm them, actually assaulting and harming  them, destroying their livelihood, stalking, continues surveillance, kidnappings, and even murder. There may be many more cases of these that we never even heard of especially for those who didn’t have access to social media to voice out their sufferings. For some who did even in the beginning, you remember well how the battles began to keep our social media accounts afloat. Sis Lottie Hemedez’s personal FB account for one was shut down numerous times after she asked for help in fear for their safety when unknown men started following them everywhere they went. So for all intent and purposes, these Mafia-like tactics of the One-With-EVM Church Administration WORKED… for a while.

But despite the threats and persecutions against anyone who would dare ask questions regarding the anomalies inside the church, the brethren only became more inquisitive and began to search even deeper, thus, the Silent Defenders were conceived until such time when they were finally called out into the open and be born out into the light.

Many brethren then started to create pseudo names on social media, some used their real personal accounts and you know how easy it is for Activ and their so-called Spiritual Warriors to have these accounts shut down even now. Did they stop there? Of course not. When they found out the identities behind the pseudo names, the first thing they did was launch a worldwide campaign to personally visit them to win (more of coerce) their loyalty back through either sweet talk or harsh interrogations. The faint at heart were easily swayed back, while the courageous and principled, knowing that everything in their present and past may be dug up and used against them held their ground and stood up for the truth that mattered now and in the time to come. Sure enough, these are the brethren who were attacked and smeared with the muddiest dirt they possibly can get. Malicious write ups, defamatory blogs, photos of them transformed into demons with fangs and horns, dancing clowns, labeling them as “Fallen Angels” or FAs, hate and threatening messages sent to their inboxes, letters sent to their work places in an effort to get them fired, false reports and complaints to ruin their businesses, multiple frivolous law suits, you name it, they’ve done it all! There is so much hatred to be found in Church sponsored social media pages, and mind you, these are written and promoted for sharing by ministers and officers who proclaim unity with an Administration who condones hate speech, oppressive and inhumane treatment to those they have expelled and now considered enemies of their faith.

Now, I said I would briefly discuss the most recent propaganda video that was released by the INC on their Social Media sites. For me to be able to understand the rationale behind the INC propaganda, I had to conduct a fair inquiry on the details involved in the video, without compromising the identities of our reliable sources (lest we want more news of people being coincidentally murdered). Let us now ask the intelligent questions (so don’t be surprised if there are those who couldn’t answer).

  1. When was this video taken?
  2. Where was this video taken?
  3. Who were present when this video was taken?
  4. What was the context of their conversation before the video was “strategically” cut?
  5. What were they drinking?
  6. Who and why the need to tamper with the video including the insertion of a bottle of liquor in the center?

I will elaborate on these things momentarily but now let me ask the questions pertaining to what we cannot see in plain sight in the video.

  1. Whose camera was this taken with?
  2. How was the Church Administration able to get this camera or this video?
  3. Who authorized these people to acquire this video and broadcast it all over social media?
  4. Who gave the Legal Go-Signal and permission for the Church Administration to use this video?
  5. Why was this video abruptly cut without being able to show proper context?
  6. Why is the Church even propagating such lowball tactics like this?

Although I don’t want to go into further details, let me just say this… this video was taken way back in 2014 outside of the Philippines! This is a private conversation between family members, celebrating friendship and seeing each other again after a very long time and was taken in a private setting. No audience for them to put up a show or no crowd for them to convince! This not for public consumption. So how did the Church Administration get a hold of this video? Simple. They stole it. How? Do you remember what happened in #36 Tandang Sora?

No matter how much this pretentious Church Administration denies it, the facts are clear and clearly prove that they have sanctioned the looting and destruction of the houses of Ka Erdy and his family members, including the houses of his brothers and sisters.

egm house

This only proves that they rummaged through the personal property of the family and stole files that they can adulterate. From these personal properties that they have STOLEN, they were able to scour through anything that they can manipulate in order to taint the reputation of the family of Bro. Eraño G. Manalo. If these cowards are really after the truth, why can’t they release the actual FULL video and explain how they were able to acquire them? Why can’t they show proof that they are the legal owners of these videos and that they are indeed legally authorized to use these videos? Why can’t they? Because they cannot risk the truth from coming out that they are nothing but gossip mongrels who thrive on malicious intent. They have stolen a personal footage and took it out of context to make it appear that the subjects are talking about EVM or the Church. Revealing the true source of that video will only expose their illegal acts, thereby furtherly dragging the INC’s Bully-reputation into the mud of humiliation and disgrace. To feed stupidity with ignorance, these fabricators just had to add in a bottle of liquor on the floor to convince their viewers that the brothers and their cousin were drinking alcohol instead of juice. Poorly conceived visual Clichés! A dumb-and-Dumber Production for a Dumb-and-Dumber audience. Why such an effort to make it believable? Because they realize that the brethren know the truth and are all the more waking up to the truth nowadays. Unfortunately for them, their own deceitful acts cause more souls to arise and defend the church from the deceit lead by the current church administration, the modern day Pharisees!


So before anyone would be naive enough to believe these cheap tales, try to ask your not-so-friendly-locale-ministers the questions that I have provided and watch them squirm with cluelessness or burst a vein in anger in the process of trying to dishonestly answer.

I want to share a quote from one of my District Minister friend when I asked him about his thoughts on the said video, and I quote, “Alam mo Brod, mas marami pang Ministro ang tyak na umiinom kesa sa magkapatid na yan. Ni hindi pa nga yata naka tikim man lamang ng alak yang dalawang yan eh. Kita mo nga ni hindi nila alam kung ang sasabihin ay cheers o toast, hahaha inosenteng inosente nga sila eh. Kapag biglang may sumigaw ng, MAMATAY NA ANG UMINOM NG ALAK, baka si EVM at ang lahat ng Sanggunian ang unang bumulagta, kasama na ako dun hahaha! Kaso talagang ganyan eh, kailangan nilang may mapaniwala kaya kapit patalim na lang basta may mailabas pipilitin nila ang mga kapatid na maniwala. Kaya ako buti na lang walang facebook para wala silang mapipiga sakin.”

[Translation: “You know Brother, there are many more Ministers who surely drink liquor than those two brothers. I don’t think they have even tasted alcohol all their life. Can’t you see in the video, they don’t even know what to say, whether it should be cheers or toast. That’s how innocent they are. If somebody suddenly says, ANYONE WHO DRINKS SHOULD DIE, EVM and the Sanggunian Ministers would probably be the first ones to drop dead, including me hahaha! But you know, that’s how it really goes, they are so desperate to make the brethren believe whatever they can come out with. It’s a good thing that I don’t have a facebook account, atleast, they can’t get anything from me.”]

No matter how shallow and cheap this propaganda is, it did the trick and gave the EVM fanatics a miracle… THAT ELUSIVE SMILE OF EVM. #makeEVMsmileProject

EVM Obsession

Smile all you can and laugh all you can to celebrate the insane ways you’ve tried to silence your critics. This administration seems to have forgotten that in the eyes of the Almighty, their haughtiness, lying tounge and hands that shed innocent blood, their heart that craft evil plans, their feet that run swiftly to wickedness, their use of false witnesses and those who sow quarrels between brothers are detestable as stated in the Holy Scriptures:

“These six things the Lord hates, Yes, seven are an abomination to Him: A proud look, A lying tongue, Hands that shed innocent blood, A heart that devises wicked plans, Feet that are swift in running to evil, A false witness who speaks lies, And one who sows discord among brethren.” ~ Proverbs 6:16-19

Brethren and friends, I offer a toast as we are persecuted on all fronts during our fight for the truth in this great tribulation. No matter how many more tampered and fabricated lies they trash out against us, let us continue to expose them with vigilance. Be joyful and rejoice for our God will comfort and protect us so long as we continue on the path He has called us into. WITHOUT A SHADOW OF A DOUBT, WE ARE HIS REMNANT FEW, THE TRUE MEMBERS OF HIS CHURCH. THIS, AND ALL TRUTH WILL ALWAYS PREVAIL! CHEERS! 

~ Antonio Ramirez Ebangelista


“They tried to bury us…they didn’t know we were seeds.”

“Unlike you, I don’t have power or money, but what I do have is a very particular set of skills, skills I have acquired over a very long career.  Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you.  If you tell the truth now, that’ll be the end of it.  I will not look for you, I will not pursue you.  But if you don’t, I will look for you, I will find you, and I will expose you.” – A.E.

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