“The Freedom of Choice …”

We have made our choice. Have you…?

INCreflections by W. Smith


hhh ere’s a message from our friend  Lost Sheep . We are humbled by the majority of our readers who have shown a very basic principle endowed by God in His children – the freedom of choice . This was the reason why we chose  to stray away from our former religion and embraced the INC because in our hearts we knew and understood that it was the right  thing to do. In the same manner, though we may not be the visible majority, we still speak up because it is still the right thing to do.  They have constantly been preaching to just leave if we can’t take the “heat”.  They forget as another friend   Hope Eternal  would say –

“They must be reminded that they don’t own the church and we have as much right as any member to fight for the truth and our love for the…

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