The Biblical Authority To Criticize Our Leaders

Is it Biblical to criticize our Leaders…?

There are ministers and members alike that are spreading the falsehood that we do not have the authority or right to criticize our leaders, most especially Mr. Eduardo V. Manalo. This falsehood is biblically unfounded and since our constitution as Christians is the Bible itself, only there must we find truth and answers.

There’s a first-person, first-hand account in the New Testament that will serve as an example to prove that a member of the Church Of Christ during the first century, not only opposed their leader, but opposed them to their face in full public view.

I’ve referenced this entire passage in full context under references below but please allow me to take a few verses out-of-context in this specific case, because even in doing so for the sake of brevity, the facts of the matter are unchanged, whether in-or-out-of-context.


Paul Criticizes And Opposes Peter (Galatians…

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