Libel Lawsuits: An attempt by the Iglesia Ni Cristo to suppress Freedom of Speech in the Philippines and in the USA


is the only tune that the bewildered EVM Administration knows how to sing. And frankly speaking, they are the only ones who don’t realize that THEY ARE EXCRUCIATINGLY OUT OF TUNE!

It makes me wonder if they even bothered to look up its meaning because it can very well be found in many Iglesia Ni Cristo sponsored pages all over the World Wide Web!

Libel Definition.jpeg

Yes, sadly, Libel, which is any Defamation can be seen along with the words “Proud to be INC” written, posted, printed, in effigies, filmed and broadcasted in these Iglesia Ni Cristo social media pages. Not only that- Ministers, officers and official spokespersons are now encouraged to Slander those who pose as threats to the Administration they adore!

Slander Definition.jpeg

Slander, also defined as any defamation that is spoken and heard easily springs out from the mouths of this One With EVM fanatics. Now that you know the difference between the two, it helps to remember that both Libel and slander are collectively known as defamation, that can harm a reputation, ruin confidence or regard; reduce respect; or induct negative public perceptions or hostile feelings against an individual or entity.  Simply put, libel and slander are civil wrongdoings that cause injury to one’s good name through written and spoken words or visual images. Remember these?

defamation post


Defamation Picture 3.jpg

How hypocritical! But having the money to sustain these propaganda in their own media outlets, the same money used to file these Libel cases against their most vocal critics, do not, in any way, guarantee their success in court. And not having abundant resources as they have, do not in any way, predicate that their critics (which are the true victims of suppression of free speech) are not telling the TRUTH. And, that has become their “S.U.P.” (SUCK UP PROTOCOL) in an effort to defend the once good name of the church. Suppress, oppress by persecution, and prosecute with Libel cases to SILENCE them and to keep EVM smiling is the ultimate goal. This is the new Staple Food they serve on the table to their unwelcomed guests- Libel Cases with everything including the kitchen sink. Remember these cases hurled against our fellow defenders of the True Church of Christ?

Samson case


Canono Case


Fruto Case


Yuson Case


Rosal Case

Libel CAses filed by INC

Villocino (Et. Al) Case

Libel Case by Sterling Cañete.jpg

Tulfo Case


Many decided to join the bandwagon of libel suit-filing-spree from the Eduardo V. Manalo church like Resty Lazaro, GP Santos, Zeromsky Pineda, Allen Blair Boy, Wilfredo “Pink” Santos, Serafin Cuevas, Moises Tolentino and Ferdinand Topacio just to name a few. Just recently, Restituto Lazaro has been making waves visiting the District of Southern California to illegally advice (or rather coerce) unscrupulous members (just like him) to file trumped up charges against some of their critics known to be the biggest thorn on their side. But we will feature Resty Lazaro when the right time comes. Everyone knows that he has no license to practice law in the United States. For now, no one stands out in prominence, well, more like a sore thumb, other than the most promising lawyer/minister of the Church in the United States, THE Rommel San Pedro (pronounced as San PAIDro), or “RSP.”

To make sense of his utterly nonsense attempt to suppress Freedom of Speech, especially if it is the truth, please revisit the previous articles that prelude this one:

Published: September 14, 2016

Published: January 26, 2017

On May 22, 2017, Rommel San Pedro wrote a letter to WordPress. WHAT!!!??? After 8 long months since I first published his humiliating defeat in the U.S. Courts, he decides to file for Libel! Gosh, how SLOW can you go!

Here’s what RSP had to say to WordPress. Read on…

Rommel v San Pedro

Rommel v San Pedro-2

Please feel free to email or text him to let him know how he is doing at his job. I didn’t know that Rommel San Pedro had any reputation to protect since he has never amounted to anything in terms of jurisprudence, much less as a Minister. I was hoping that he would have something to look forward to or hope for, yet the only prominence he ever gained was when he was appointed as the pathetic attack dog of Eduardo V. Manalo’s Administration. And the only attention he even remotely got was due to his embarrassing blunders and epic fails. Not to mention the tactless gung ho engagement of his mother as a spiritual warrior to defend her bear cub against anyone who criticizes his imbecility. Clearly, we can now see that the rotten apple does not fall far from the tree.

Carmelita V. San Pedro.png

But what does this all prove? That the Administration of Eduardo V. Manalo is “pikon” (sore loser)! That they have all the money to spend, all the time and effort to exhaust, and many blind followers to use in filing all those “copy-paste” libel suits. That they are a force to be reckoned with, and a powerful organization to be feared. But does the filing of libel suits truly dignify or vindicate the current church condition of disarray?

The truth of the matter is, there is nothing dignifying about using a loophole in the justice system (especially in the Philippines) for the sole purpose of vindictive censorship, persecution, and oppression. Yet, it is being abused by the rich, influential and powerful to silence their critics even outside the Philippines.

“A broadly drawn criminal-defamation law is a weapon that can be wielded, not just by the government, but by anyone thin-skinned who has enough money to hire a lawyer.”

And in the Philippines, where libel suits are a dime a dozen, the “thinking Filipinos” and the General Public know this INC tactic all too well.

“The filing of libel cases in different parts of the country, for instance, is an ancient art. On the assumption that an allegedly libelous statement is carried in a newspaper of national circulation or on a television newscast with viewers from across the country or on a website with nationwide reach, a person or organization (or religion) of means can file a libel case anywhere in the archipelago. This loophole in the law has been exploited many times, to harass an enemy, or wear down his defenses, or drain his finances.

Journalists are all too familiar with this legal tactic, and it does not bode well at all for Menorca. Those who resort to it are not interested in vindicating their reputation, but in spreading intimidation. A libel case in Lanao del Norte against someone who lives in Quezon City is not legal redress, but pure retaliation. And, like clockwork, a second libel case surfaced the day after Menorca’s arrest—this time from the Regional Trial Court of Lanao del Sur.

Use of Law Enforcement Agencies and the Court of Law to Subvert the Ends of Justice – The Menorca Case

Do we need any more proof that an orchestrated campaign is being waged against Menorca? We can simply consider the evidence already at hand. A mysterious disappearance, after an internal INC crisis erupted in public. One libel suit after another, filed by Iglesia members. The handing over of one arrest warrant from one INC member to another, a ranking police officer. Followed by the next-day arrest of a man who was supposed to be hiding his tracks well. Circumstantial, yes, but convincing.”

So before we end this article, let us just ponder on something simple yet ultimately profound… During the time of Bro. Felix Y. Manalo, the Church of Christ was just starting in the Philippines, it faced gigantic and powerful religions that persecuted it, how many libel suits did Bro. Felix file against the church’s detractors? During the time of Bro. Eraño and his 46 years of dynamic stewardship of the Church, how many detractors spoke against him and the Church of Christ? One thing that Bro. Felix and Bro. Eraño Manalo have in common is that they stood on the TRUTH for God was with them and the Church. They did not even need to retaliate against those who spoke against the INC. The only time the Church filed libel cases in my knowledge was during the time of the ADD Preacher Eli Soriano, which was spearheaded by the Legal Head then, Minister Restituto Lazaro. I can also attest that “some” of those were known to Bro. Erdy, but “most” were also deliberately hidden from his knowledge. But even those cannot compare to the magnitude of spiritual instability and insecurity of Eduardo V. Manalo and his whole corrupted Administration. Why? Because they are standing, not on the TRUTH, but on a flimsy web of lies and deceit. That is why they have a NEED to SILENCE those who are exposing their anomalies and corruption at any cost.

If this current Church Administration of Eduardo V. Manalo does not have anything to hide, no Billion Pesos Bank Loans, no Secret Business Corporations, no secret lavish properties and lifestyle, no covert mafia-like abductions and kidnappings of their enemies, no skeletons of smuggling, racketeering and murders in their closet, why even try to censor free speech? The answer is glaringly simple… BECAUSE THE TRUTH CONTRADICTS THE LIES THAT THEY WEAVE. CORRUPTION, UNDENIABLY, EXISTS IN THIS ADMINISTRATION.

So as a simple piece of advice to this fanatic Minister Rommel San Pedro… You can file as many libel suits as you can, along with all the well-paid lawyers of the church roster. After all, it was you who stated this to your former colleagues who are undoubtedly more principled than you- “that you will exhaust any amount from the church coffers and every effort in your bones to sue the shirt off the back of anyone who will speak the truth about the corruption in the church”. Sadly, you have not learned that YOU CAN NEVER SILENCE THE TRUTH. That knowledge obviously does not come from attaining a Library card even from Harvard! So the next time you feel hurt or your ego is bruised due to your exposed incompetence, or before you cry out like a baby, try to read the critiques of this award winning writer-lawyer David Lat on []

David Lat.jpegHis outspoken articles and blunt commentaries will make you shrink in embarrassment compared to my candid and witty comments about you. How thin-skinned you are! If the likes of these top-notch lawyers and critics were to evaluate your performance as a lawyer along with your legal and ethical malpractices, their ingenious opinions may just make you want to disappear from the face of the earth. But the other lawyers, law firms, and even judges don’t seem to mind his striking and humorous write ups, because unlike you… the rest of them are not IMMATURE AND INSECURE.

Now, go and practice your “menacing-look” of intimidation to convince WordPress to give you my information.

RSP-3I suggest you try a different look that would suit you more. Maybe this will make you more believable than laughable.

Unlike the Philippine Media and Agencies, does take Freedom of Speech seriously. So the minute you are able to supersede the basic Human Right to Freedom of Speech, I will be ready to see you in court. Until then, best of luck to you and more power to your ever protective mama bear!

~ Antonio Ramirez Ebangelista


“They tried to bury us…they didn’t know we were seeds.”

“Unlike you, I don’t have power or money, but what I do have is a very particular set of skills, skills I have acquired over a very long career.  Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you.  If you tell the truth now, that’ll be the end of it.  I will not look for you, I will not pursue you.  But if you don’t, I will look for you, I will find you, and I will expose you.” – A.E.

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