Jezebel (addendum)

Thoughts from a Non-Defender who is still an active and enlisted member of the Church.


I may have upset a certain Minister (Brother San Pedro) for insulting him and his attacks on Sister Tenny Manalo. I said his attacks were rude and unchristian for picking on an old lady and he has now posted a reply. What is the reaction? “I’ll just attack the brothers then.”(i.e., Brothers Angel and Marc Manalo) It’s quite lengthy but here are segments of his comments…


I’ll try to keep this short because I don’t really like dwelling on the same topic over and over when there are really no answers given by them. Just more bashing. First of all please don’t assume that just because there are people who make comments that it is automatically the Cayabyabs, Menorcas or Yusons. There are literally thousands of brethren like me who have questions and issues that remain unanswered. Yes, I said thousands. How do I know? Because of the…

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