It was January 26, 2017, when I last featured our very good friend, Bro. Rommel San Pedro, the Minister-Lawyer hot shot of the Iglesia Ni Cristo under Eduardo V. Manalo.


After that, he tried to intimidate WordPress in a possible lawsuit. READ ARTICLE HERE: ROMMEL SAN PEDRO’S 5TH PATHETIC AND DESPERATE LEGAL BLUNDER

All year round, he has been busy touring the One with EVM world to “educate” the Brethren on the Administration’s version of jurisprudence during a time they consider as a holy war. He is one of the very relentless attack dogs abroad entrusted in the mission to discredit and destroy the “enemies of the faith.” Although, lately, another church lawyer, Bro. Restituto Lazaro has been pushed into the front lines. Don’t worry RSP, to us, you are still the top dawg, the pick of the litter, and we are your avid fans, but second only to your mother, Mrs. Carmelita San Pedro whose devotion to you will forever be supreme and unparalleled.

Along with other Lawyer Ministers of the Church, they continue to convince the Brethren to believe the Church Administration’s “version” of what really happened. They conducted “seminars” about the law and how it can be used by the Brethren to attack the people who are identified as being critical against this Administration’s corruption and anomalies. There were some, mostly Church Officers, who were duped into being used only to fail miserably in the court of law and then thrown under the bus when sh** hit the fan. The current “OBEY AND NEVER COMPLAIN” mantra in the Church is but another attempt to persuade the remaining faithful into full submission. More and more brethren steered clear of this manipulative plot by openly refusing to participate in what they know is clearly “wrong”. Although unsuccessful in manipulating the laws outside of the Philippines,  these inquisitor lawyers did their best to instill fear among the silent-yet-aware brethren by planting lies and threats that if they do become vocal and critical of the Church Administration, then, they too will be made to suffer dearly just like the rest of the so-called enemies of the Church.

It was June 14, 2016, when this TV Special News report was broadcast all over Canada, US and online globally:



This is when Minister-Lawyer Rommel San Pedro was first officially sent by the INC Church Administration to represent the Church and dispel the so-called “lies” of Bro. Lowell Menorca. Armed to the teeth with his intellectual wits, he used his trademarked “I-mean-business”-look in an all-out effort to intimidate the Canadian Immigration Refugee Board and the National Broadcast Media of Canada, CBC. Oozing with self-confidence, Rommel San Pedro delivered his intellectual rendition of the events hoping that he could sway the Canadian Government into believing that the current Church Administration is not capable of such horrendous acts. Rommel San Pedro was even kind enough to suggest to the Canadian Government that all of Mr. Menorca’s claims were fabricated and orchestrated, therefore, his allegations will be proven false and that the threat to Mr. Menorca’s life does not exist. He was hoping that his god would grant him that wish. Unfortunately… after a careful deliberation that spanned over a year, and a meticulous and in-depth investigation, the Canadian tribunal proved otherwise.

This decision only proves that our God is truly on the side of the TRUTH.

After a fair and strongly worded decision by the Immigration Refugee Board of Canada, CBC decided to conduct another interview with Bro. Menorca and tried to once again contact Rommel San Pedro and their retained lawyer for the official comment or statement from the INC Administration. They did their best to delay the release of this interview only to finally state that they decline to comment.

Rommel San Pedro also underestimated this guy.